Another Look at Mother

While putting together the analysis for the 2009 South Korean thriller Mother, I noticed an inconsistency between the Wiki account of the film’s plot and my original analysis from several years back.

Originally, I interpreted the Story Outcome a Success rather than what it clearly is: a Failure. Not sure if it’s because of the temporal distance between my first viewing of the film or because of the clarity of the Wiki entry–but her obfuscation of the truth results in a Story Consequence of Conceptualizing. The police end up having to imagine who the killer is, rather than arrive at a true Understanding (the Story Goal).

Besides focusing the conflict in the mother/son Relationship Story Throughline to an Element of Desire (Mother knows best), the Influence Character Signpost of Memory moves out of the final Act and into the 2nd Signpost–where it appears in the movie.

The story points in a complete narrative harmonize with one another the way they should in this storyform, now uploaded to the Story Atomizer.

This is what I love so much about adding all these storyforms: the clarity & accuracy of these analyses will make it even easier for writers encountering this material in the future.

An analysis of _Mother_

James R. Hull @jhull