The Habit of Task Management

When you have a vague or distant goal — like “be a great singer” or “make a million from my music” — break it down into specific ingredients. Describe concrete milestones, and exactly how to reach them. Then break those down into actions that you can start doing today.

After last week’s influx of new events into Things, I’m finding the process of filing them away and organizing them arduous. But if I don’t, the whole point of using a task manager fades away.

I do find it essential when it comes to keeping up with clients, but perhaps less important to track tasks related to writing posts. I much prefer the 3 bucket method where there is always something to work on.

Actions, by the same people who brought you Timepage is also delightful. Deleting tasks creates an amazing animation that inspires me to trash things I’ll never get around to doing anyways.

But breaking down Goals into tasks…Siver’s plea to Get Specific! is always the key. When I do it, things get done–when I don’t…

James R. Hull @jhull