Writing "Rights" Things

In this interview last year, Naval suggest rereading your favorite books. One of my favorite writing books of all time is Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write.

While many focus on The Artist’s Way series, The Right specifically targets writers along with encouragement through highs and lows.

Looking back, I absolutely point to my habit of Morning Pages of moving me beyond saying something important and instead, saying something. Anything.

“One of the biggest myths around writing is that in order to do it we must have great swathes of uninterrupted time. Speaking for myself, I have never had such silken bolts of time. My life—and all the work I have made from my life—has been more like making a patchwork quilt than unfolding bolts of limitless and serene silk.”

I wrote about my process years ago in Always Be Writing. The specific tools listed need to be updated, but the concept is clear: set yourself up to write anytime. Fall in love with the process of writing anytime and anywhere.

“If we learn to write from the sheer love of writing, there is always enough time, but time must be stolen like a quick kiss between lovers on the run. As a shrewd woman once told me, “The busiest and most important man can always find time for you if he’s in love with you and, if he can’t, then he is not in love.” When we love our writing, we find time for it.”

My writing flows best when pacing back and forth, iPhone in hand, shifting attention from words to horizons.

And I thank this book for instilling those values and reminding me of my right.

James R. Hull @jhull