Listening and Loving Cortex

I honestly love the Cortex podcast so much. This latest one on why Goals are Dumb is another great one.

Like Myke, I maintain two systems: Things for “work” work and Actions for priorities. The former is great for tracking client work, bugs, and upgrades. The latter is a great interface for the most important global tasks (and integrates nicely with Timepage).

I tried the whole Bullet Journal thing. And as a former Disney animator, I appreciate the love of pens and paper. But nothing beats the grace and fluidity of a well-designed task app for consistency and convenience.

A lot of people do podcasts nowadays, but few engage and entertain as well as Myke and Grey. Their voices are great, their conversations thought-provoking. I always brighten up when I see a new episode at the top of Castro.

James R. Hull @jhull