Geeking Out Over Productivity

I have no idea how I ended up following Zachary Lang on a Twitter, but I sense a kindred spirit:

I love geeking out about productivity, task managers, and the like. I consume all I can when it comes to these topics; I read books and articles, listen to podcasts, I’ve even attended an official Getting Things Done Level 1 Seminar.

I did that too! At UCLA a couple years back, I spent a Saturday with Mr. Allen. Loved it.

However, I’m as fallible as any human and have found myself underwater and overwhelmed in tasks and work more often than not for quite some time.

I confess to not being a GTD ninja as well, but I do love a good productivity post. That’s what sparked my interest, this article of Zach’s on Block Scheduling (which it turns out, has nothing to do with Block Chaining).

The first key part of block planning is clarity around what I want to accomplish during my week (what Mr. Hyatt calls the Weekly Big 3). Next, usually during my evening ritual, I will look through my digital task manager at any deadlines, open up Fantastical on one of my Apple devices to determine how full my day looks, and decide on the three tasks that are the most important and/or have the greatest impact on my Weekly Big 3 (not surprisingly, these are my Daily Big 3).

Weekly Big 3 sounds great. Reminds me of the Weekly Compass from the old Franklin Cover planner days. I’m currently using Actions to replicate that old plastic bookmark. Things for the groundwork.

Going to check out Zach’s podcast this week and see if there are any other choice ideas.

James R. Hull @jhull