Sleeping More When You Do What You Love

DHH of 37 Signals caught my attention (like he usually does) on Twitter today. This time, it’s sleep:

Most days I go to bed at 9:30-10pm, get up at ~7am. Relaxed morning routine for an hour, then drive kid to school. Usually start work around 9:30am, work until 5pm. Days with training is an hour later start. That’s the basic routine in Malibu (was different in Spain).

First off, no idea he was in Malibu, which is cool, because somehow that means if I keep working at my startup with the kind of level-headed thinking he throws out there, I could end up there someday (which would make Summer extremely 😃).

Secondly, this seems so basic and so easy that I wonder why I struggle to follow a pattern like this.

At the most, I get 7 hours of sleep, 7.5 if I’m lucky, but for the most part, I’m up within 6 hours, maybe 5.5.

I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something, because ever since I left home I’ve been fascinated with books and studies on sleep. I love staying up late to read why I should be sleeping more!

I think, too, that I might be entranced by this again because I am in control of my life. I can run with this schedule and still get all the work I need to get done.

Because I run my own business.

And because I get to do what I love throughout the entire day, rather than something I try to force-fit in an hour before “real work”, or two hours when I used to get home.

I even spent this entire weekend developing a fully functional Structure Builder for Subtext, so writers could have even more flexibility writing great stories quickly and efficiently.

I guess this will be the week I try the same schedule. Have to get up a tad earlier than 7 to help the kids, but I can adjust at night to make up for it.


Except tonight.

Can’t miss Westworld! 😄

James R. Hull @jhull