First Week Scheduling Time Report

First week scheduling time instead of tasks finished.

Absolutely love it. 💪🏻 Accomplished so much in the midst of several dust ups.

Things is now a place to store things to do, not a dashboard. Moleskine’s Timepage takes over the day-to-day and secures a home spot on the dock.

The advice to schedule according to ease/familiarity worked out well:

  • 30 min for super-easy tasks
  • 60 min for things I know how to do
  • 90 min for the unknown

Most invariably went over, but scheduling only three a day kept things manageable.

The key is being OK with shifting appointments around. Stay flexible. Forever I thought the calendar was set in stone and it’s not.

Calendars are just as flexible as tasks list, only more comprehensive in their relation to one another.

Time is all we have. Use it wisely. ⏳

James R. Hull @jhull