The Dog Days of Summer

Teacher Alan Jacobs on how leaving Twitter and social media:

has made me significantly calmer about my own future as a writer, in large part because it has re-set my mental clock. I have always told myself that I have time to think about what, if anything, I want to write next, but I haven’t really believed it, and I think that’s been due to my immersion in the time-frame of Twitter and other social media.

I’ve been finding it progressively harder and harder to write articles for Narrative First, let alone simple blog posts. Podcasts are eight-weeks behind.

Afternoons booked with clients and building Subtext contribute to this inability; that and a mutual malaise that seems to plague the early weeks of July.

There’s something exciting about the community on, something honest and truthful. If nothing else, the openness inspires one to push forward.

And to continue to create.

And write.

James R. Hull @jhull