Holding Space for Yourself

Thinking I missed something quite cool at Laracon today–Jocelyn K. Glei’s talk on Hurry Slowly (also the name of her podcast).

I started to work for myself because I was tired of running under someone else’s schedule. Not only the production itself, but the idea of working 10 hours a day, 9-7 seven days a week schedule common to the animation industry.

Turns out old habits are hard to break, because I often end up trapped in the same mindless schedule. As a result, the joy and happiness of driving your own life slips into the drudge of “doing work” which then cascades into the work itself.

Chris Forrence captured some great notes on her talk, but this slide does it best:

Core Hours

Going to reschedule all client consults between 11 and 4. And I’m going to book cognitive time–2 hour blocks–weeks in advance.

James R. Hull @jhull