Saturday Drive-In Movie

Tonight’s feature was Back to the Future 2.

Back to the Future Drive-In

Forty-one years ago it was Star Wars. My parents packed my brother and I up in the car, picked up McDonalds, and drove down to the San Fernando Valley.

I still remember the image of an X-Wing racing down the trench, exploding into an orange fire-ball.

That’s where I fell in love with movies.

Tonight it was Back to the Future Two. I was kinda tricked and only told it was “Back to the Future”…but I enjoyed it far more than I did when I saw all three Back to Back to Back in 1990.

And it had everything to do with the company tonight.

Never thought I would be sitting in a car in the middle of the Valley in the middle of Summer watching a movie some 40 years later falling in love again–this time with the person seated next to me.

Drive-In Movie with Summer

James R. Hull @jhull