VueJS Creator Earns $16K Through Patreon

Compelling article on How Vue.js Creator Evan You Earns $16k/mo on Patreon.

I use VueJS everyday and absolutely love it. Just something about it that works with my brain. Some interesting insight into how to earn a living nowadays:

He believes that, “for back-end developers, the way with the highest chance of making it a full-time job is to build a product around something that you have created. So first you need to have created something that people rely and depend on, and then you can create something that’s connected with it and makes it even better. Then you can charge money for that product.”

Sounds like a pretty good strategy…😀

Having worked for Disney and Dreamworks for over 20 years, I can tell you that Evan nails it when it comes to embracing freedom over security:

When you’re striking out on your own, you have to pay your own insurance. You no longer get all the benefits that a big company would provide. You take on more responsibilities. But in return, you get more freedom. You get more satisfaction and you’re able to focus more on things that you like. Overall, it’s still definitely a net positive for me. I just enjoy working for myself so much more than working for a company,” Evan said.

But, of course, you have to practice balance –which I am still horrible at to this day.

“You need to have a lot of self-discipline to draw the line between work and life when you work at home. Sometimes I would get into the zone and forget about time and next thing you know my wife comes knocking on the door saying it’s time for dinner!” Evan laughed. “It makes your work-life balance deteriorate if you don’t pay attention.”

James R. Hull @jhull