Deadwood Starts Shooting

Deadwood started shooting Monday five miles from my house. W. Earl Brown:


While not having spit in my fucking palm and shook on it with a single one a you Hoopleheads on the Interwebs, I did promise to keep you cocksuckers up to date on the goings-on in the Muddy Thoroughfare…and a man is only as good as his fucking word, so here tis’:

This has been a hiatus week for the actors. Sets continued to be built; various departments worked at full steam; nothing was shot. DEADWOOD launched and/or boosted the careers of all involved……hence the actors are in demand which made scheduling the show a Herculean feat. So, there’s no “set news” to report (not that I will ever spill the beans about the script, the design, or anything that will spoil the experience of watching the finished film next spring).

I’ve been re-reading and comparing the various script drafts of the script. Not that I need reminding, but I’m in constant awe of the genius of The Maestro, David Milch. Anyone who has followed the show closely, knows that the Alpha and Omega Of DEADWOOD is Milch. Dave is a complex person - a unique combination of intelligence & skill. There are numerous articles available online which attempt to dissect the many layers of The Maestro, but I am one of the blessed few who’ve gotten to work closely with him…He has been one of my life’s great teachers.

I’ve encountered few intellects as immense as Milch’s - people who are truly genius level thinkers. But unlike those other Einsteins, Dave has an innate understanding of human nature……He has an uncanny ability to see directly into your spirit, to understand the broken pieces, and reach out in grace to heal them.

Now, before you form an idea of Dave as some sort of bead & sandal wearing shaman - stop.

Added into the mix of intelligence and intuition is a self-destructive streak a mile wide. His misadventures have been widely catalogued elsewhere, so I have no interest in trumpeting them any louder. As I said earlier, Dave is a complex person.

As with us all, since our earlier days on the Thoroughfare, Time has taken its toll on Dave. We are all grayer, slower, and ravaged by the ticking clock. But come Monday morning, I’ll be back in The Gem, pages in hand, working through the many layers of subtext…inherent in every word, and I’ll hear from the shadows, “yeah, um, Earl… when you that particular line, think of uh… there’s a passage in The Psalms that may offer illumination as to why you’d choose to say that, it goes…”

I look forward to that.

James R. Hull @jhull