Building Better Mental Models of Story

After running through a bunch of stinkers this morning, finally came across my analysis of her. Cleaned it up (written four years ago!) and hooked it up to the Story Atomizer. I love how both my written material and my app are coming together.

Over the weekend I had an epiphany about some of the mental models involved with the Atomizer–essentially, splitting everything out into Elements, Appreciations, and Concepts. While there is a specific area of the model categorized as elements, I feel that referring to everything on the model as an “Element” makes it easier for those new together theory.

It’s always been referred to as the Table of Story Elements, so applying that label to all levels will make it easier for everyone to conceptualize.

Appreciations are what they’ve always been–but now that I have separated them into their own section, away from Elements, it should help writers imagine how they work.

So, Overall Story Concern of Conceptualizing:

  • Overall Story Concern is the Appreciation
  • Conceptualizing is the Element

Concepts will be Protagonist, Antagonist, Tale, and so on.

Iterating like this feels great–bringing written material and user services to bring greater clarity to all.

James R. Hull @jhull