Kevin Spacey Movie Makes $126

Out of all the people jettisoned over the past year because of sexual harassment, Spacey is the most tragic. He’s such a great actor and I always loved everything he was in.

The movie’s top gross on Friday — $45 — was earned at the Metro Movies 12 in Middletown, Connecticut, followed by the AMC Sundial in Sarasota with $19. Only $9 was generated at the AMC Deer Valley 16 in Antioch, California. That could mean only one person showed up at the Deer Valley cinema; ditto for the Lakeview 21 in the Minneaopolis/St.Paul area, where the film earned $10 on Friday.

Gibson eventually made it back in with Hacksaw Ridge…somewhat. Do we have to wait 20 years to see Spacey act again? Or will we ever…

James R. Hull @jhull