Spaceship Earth

Walking about an hour after sunset tonight, I watched as the International Space Station flew directly overhead. It was so bright and so serene that it outshone the almost full moon.

I was alerted to it, as always, by this spectacular app, Sky Guide. My Watch gave me about ten minutes to get into position, and then I started to look for it.

At first, I couldn’t align it with the GPS on the phone, but then it was unmistakable. It was the brightest thing I had ever seen in the sky.

And it was a Space Station.

I remember when Skylab was a thing, and I’ve always loved Star Trek.

With tricorder in hand, I tracked a spaceship across the sky.

And that’s when I remembered that I’m on my own spaceship hurtling through the Galaxy–Spaceship Earth.

And with Sky Guide, I know exactly what to look for when the sun goes down.

James R. Hull @jhull