The Joy of Editing a Podcast with Descript

Just finished editing this year’s first podcast with descript. 6 hours to produce an hour of content–complete with transcription.

Couple of things: one, I can’t stand my speech pattern and how much I say “like” or “and so”. Can you tell I grew up in Southern California? Now, thanks to descript, I can save you all the pain of suffering through my own insecure speech tics.

The great thing with descript is you can basically do a global search and delete them all–delete that part of yourself you can’t stand!

Two: my podcasts this year are going to improve so much. Reading through an instant transcription of your audio is so illuminating. I don’t know if it’s because of the break or because I usually don’t say much–but a lot of what I said was simply fluff.

I love how descript helped me narrow down the essence of what I wanted to say with this episode. It was a breeze–and quite magical–to highlight the nonsense and then hit the Delete key and watch it all disappear.

I know for a fact that, going forward, my podcasts will be more focused–more deliberate–in content and structure, if for no other reason than to shorten the time it takes to edit it all down!

James R. Hull @jhull