🚧 Right now, I’m 100% focused on building the very best AI application for writing stories, Subtxt. So far, it’s been used to develop television series on Disney+, a Blacklist spec script winner, and in 2023 helped craft Canada’s official selection for Best International Film at the 2023 Oscars.

πŸš€ In 2013, I founded Narrative First to make the stories for the films I was animating on better. 🧠

πŸŽ“ I also occasionally teach The Future of AI and Storytelling to the world’s storytellers (over 120+ served, and a 4.9 rating!). 🌎

πŸ¦‹ Here’s my profile on Bluesky.

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It might not come as a surprise that I love reading fiction. Here’s what I’m reading right now. πŸ“š

James R. Hull @jhull