The Magic of Quickly Building Ideas for the World

So, this is what I was working on this weekend, and what I’m releasing tomorrow: Storyform Connections! Quickly find stories with similar structures in seconds!

Here, the Atomizer scans 370+ films for films with Changed Main Characters & Problems of Control.

Searching for Changed & Control

I’m so excited about this as it fulfills an initial promise of the service: the ability to see connections across storyforms.

This is the very best way to learn the Dramatica theory of story and to find working narratives that share similar structural story points to your own stories.

Personally, I’m also stoked to see that I could build something with this much reactivity and complexity in a matter of days (4 to be exact!). Regardless of tools used to build these services, the idea that you can quickly scaffold something & deliver before the week is out is astounding. Especially to someone who cut his teeth on a PC with 64KB RAM & the Assembly Language manual from Computerland.

Can’t wait to learn more this year!

James R. Hull @jhull