Explaining Complicated Things in an Easy Way

“It’s the mark of a charlatan to try and explain simple things in complex ways and it’s the mark of a genius to explain complicated things in simple ways.”

Been thinking a lot about this quote from Naval lately. Particularly, in context of Dramatica and its ability to help Authors write better stories.

I know so much about the theory–but so much of what I know, no one wants to hear. They want simple, easy-to-understand templates that they can use to start a story. They don’t want to know about the bade elements of every scene or the difference between a Crucial Element in a Changed character and the same in a Steadfast character.

They just don’t want to waste their time writing something that isn’t going to work.

I know what they need. And I know I can deliver something simple and clean–a dead easy approach to rapidly scaffolding a meaningful story.

2nd quarter of 2018 should be enough time.

James R. Hull @jhull