A Basis for Mental Relativity

Dramatica co-creator Chris Huntley on the difference between Dramatica and Mental Relativity:

Independent of whether it is a theory or a hypothesis or a model or a whatever-you-want-to-call-it, it is our opinion that Dramatica is model of story, while Mental Relativity – on which Dramatica is based – is a model of human problem solving and/or psychology. Dramatica represents an application of Mental Relativity to the narrative process. Though not widely advertised, the application of Mental Relativity using the Dramatica model as applied to real world scenarios is called Thoughtform.

If you haven’t read anything about Mental Relativity but you’re familiar with General Relativity, you might find Chris and Melanie’s work compelling.

Einstein blended Space and Time together with the Space-Time continuum (c squared). He did this because the Male Blindspot required him to do so.

Separate them out and you start to find the foundation for understanding Mental Relativity.

James R. Hull @jhull