The Importance of Documentation

The one thing I keep putting off when it comes to Subtext, my Saas for writers, is the documentation. I know it would be nice, but I always figure it will be something I get to eventually.

Phil Cross posted a quote from Taylor Otwell, the man behind Laravel–the PHP framework behind Subtext:

I promised myself never to release Laravel until I had great documentation

If you’ve seen the documentation for Laravel you know how great it is, and if you’re eagerly awaiting Nova, a super-powered Admin module for the same framework, you know how annoying it is that you once again have to wait for Taylor to finish the documentation…

…until you realize just how important that is to the final product. Phil reminded me:

This 1000 times over. Accessible and easy to navigate documentation is part of what drew me to Laravel. Glad the quality hasn’t decreased. I pretty much always have the docs open in 1 tab at all times.

I never really thought of this before, but that’s exactly the reason why I chose Laravel over everything else. All my favorite apps seem to run on Ruby, but there was something about how well Laravel was explained and documented, that I didn’t really have a choice.

The framework is great, but I think it was the attention to the detail that made me realize I was on the right track.

Which means, I have some documentation to work on!

James R. Hull @jhull