Why Discord is a Thing Now

Thanks to Jack over at Statamic, I now know why all the developers I know are moving from Slack to Discord to wrangle their communities.

This kind of thing is important to focus on when it comes to the future of our interactions. Seth explained it best this morning in his post on Semi-public:

There’s a huge opportunity to become an organizer of semi-public groups. These entities will become ever more powerful as the economies of the firm begin to fade, replaced by the speed and resiliency of trusted groups instead.

As the organizer of the Dramatica theory of story semi-public group, I’m interested in better ways to bring writers together. Redesigning their site, shuttling the community from one forum instance to the next, and of course, building a SaaS for my start-up that will fuel further development of the theory in this century.

I always thought Discord was a thing for gamers, and always felt it weird that the VueJS and Laravel communities were moving there. Now I see that Discord is making moves to make it a developer platform as well.

Might be time to check it out.

James R. Hull @jhull