Drafting a Mission Statement

Justin Jackson provides a mission statement formula for creatives who make things on the Internet for other creatives:

I help _______ to ________, so that they can _________. I do this by ____.

I always struggle to write mission statements. Even though it’s Covey’s 2nd Habit, I always skipped past it to go straight to the more fun Habit #3: First Things First.

But something about Justin’s approach intrigued me enough to write my own:

I help writers structure their stories fast and efficiently, so that they can spend more time on the fun and creative part: the actual writing. I do this through my app Subtext, and through my teaching, blogging, and podcasts.

That actually feels really really good to get down.

Once you’ve defined your mission, it becomes a compass for your work. It helps define who you’re helping, and what you’re empowering them to do. The actual shape of the work (whether you’re making software, videos, etc…) is less important.

I can see that. And appreciate the greater clarity in my purpose.

James R. Hull @jhull