Writing for Fun and Not Profit

Basecamp moves off of Twitter and into a personal blog. Looks like micro.blog called it. 😁

Personal blogs are back, and the intention to share for the sake of sharing–not profit.

Writing for us is not a business, in any direct sense of the word. We write because we have something to say, not to make money off page views, advertisements, or subscriptions. If some readers end up signing up for Basecamp, that’s great. But if they just like to read and not buy, that’s also great.

That’s exactly how I felt, and continue to feel, writing and publishing on Narrative First. Recently, I’ve taken up writing everyday for an hour–keeping that constraint stream of thoughts flowing, sans the self-imposed deadlines.

In fact, the intention is to lessen our dependency on Twitter too, and simply turn Signal v Noise into the independent home for all our thoughts and ideas – big or small.

The only reason I continue with Twitter is to keep up with those who don’t have an adequate RSS feed. I hope the trend is catching…🤒

It’s not like we’re going off Twitter, but Twitter won’t be necessary for you to follow our thinking any more.


And love the bold new design. 🔥🔥🔥

James R. Hull @jhull