David Milch Writes One Episode of True Detective

Milch is credited as a co-writer on the fourth episode of Season 3, “The Hour and the Day.” He did not pen any other scripts, though his advice helped Pizzolatto craft a good chunk of the season.

Dang. That episode was so insanely great, I was hoping Milch would pen more of them this year.

Would love to hear more about this “writing out loud” technique show runner Pizzolato describes in this article:

“He turned me on to writing out loud, which I’d never done before, and I ended up writing most of the second half of the season out loud, which was a much more spiritually healthy thing to do than be alone in a room with a blank page,” Pizzolatto said. “I knew he was going to have to go back and do ‘Deadwood’ and get that on its feet again, but I was just glad we had that time together. It’s something I’m going to remember and take with me for the rest of my life.”

James R. Hull @jhull