Staying Faithful to Perceptions

The Internet is a boundless source of inspiration. I wake each morning excited about what new thing someone posted, or published, while I was sleeping.

Today it was Music in Writing - iA Writer: The Focused Writing App.

I dare you to read this and not hear the intended rhythm and percussion:

As we write on a keyboard, and we compose a melody in our minds, we inadvertently perform a spontaneous percussion that, again, shapes our writing and its own continuation. While we begin, continue and finish a period melodically in our heads, we go with the rhythm of our typing when we can. We compose music as we find words and we play percussion as we type. Rammadamm-pa-daradamm-pa-ratttatttattadaradamm!

But it’s this that connects most with my soul. I write every single day of my life. And the only time it feels right, is when I write faithfully.

A writer perceives carefully and stays true to these perceptions. Clichés are not perceived, they are not felt. They are patterns, repeated mindlessly. Some of your perceptions may not meet the listener’s expectations. And it is exactly those perceptions that do not meet the common expectations that may be worth talking about. Staying faithful to them means you cannot make up special perceptions just to be extraordinary.

James R. Hull @jhull