Well, after three days of trying I’m officially giving up on installing this first round of iOS 13. I did the watch because I wanted the new Solar Dial which I love(reminds me of my Slow watch), but now my watch can’t talk to my phone , which means I can’t tell what my Sleep Debt is anymore 😮

Tried updating through iTunes, didn’t work. Updated to Mojave, didn’t work–but my MacBook transformed into a Ferrari 🏎💨 so that was a bonus.

Downloaded 8GB of XCode because trying the small Package Manger file didn’t work–that didn’t work, so I’m officially calling it.

Don’t want to upgrade to Catalina yet until I enjoy a big more of the Mojave goodness. So that means no workable sleep tracking for a couple weeks.

It’s like living in the 1980s!

James R. Hull @jhull