Convert a Premise into Narrative Structure

This is what popped up for me this morning, when I uploaded the narrative structure for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind into my app, Subtext.

First Premise

I don’t think people yet fully understand what this all means.

Of course, I forgot that the arguments in the app are slightly tweaked for more accuracy.

The Holistic mind is more concerned with issues, rather than plot, so here we see “low self-esteem” as the central issue in Eternal, which makes way more sense.

Accurate Premise

And this is the real crazy part. This is the last Act Subtext spun up for me based on the narrative structure of Eternal. The bold storytelling is RANDOM - based purely on that one Premise.

Last Act

Pure magic if you know the film.

Break those Storybeats down into greater detail and you wrap up both the logistical and emotional concerns of that initial Premise.

Greater Detail

This is basically my proof of concept.

“Hey Siri, build me a story where low self-esteem issues drive people to juggle their judgments of others with their expectations of the worst.”

“Oh. And make it bittersweet.”

Convert Your Premise

James R. Hull @jhull