50 Years Later, Still Inspiring

Well, that was a thrilling weekend.

After 30+ hours of listening to real-time communications between Apollo 11 and Mission Control in Houston., I’m out. The crew jettisoned the Lunar Module in preparation for their return home, and it’s time for me to return to 2019.

Some fun things I learned that I never knew before:

  • MC engineers were super passive-aggressive with each other. Always a competition over who was smarter. Loved how annoyed they would get with each other
  • Buzz took communion on the Moon. Snuck it in, but now regrets representing a segment of the population
  • Astronaut waste looks like moon rocks 🤣
  • A lot of shaking when the LM docked with the CM
  • The flag fell down when they lifted off. It’s lost all pigmentation now
  • Neil took over the controls when it looked like they were going to land in a rocky crater.
  • Earlier missions carried less fuel to keep hotshots from taking over and landing before Neil and Buzz
  • They have no idea where the LM crashed down
  • There’s still a LM (Snoopy) orbiting the Sun
  • Space exploration is still just as inspiring today as it was when I was 10-years old

Going to check back in in a couple of days to listen to splashdown.

Thanks forever to this site: Apollo 11 in Real-time

James R. Hull @jhull