Things is for Scheduling Tasks

There is so much good about Sebastien de Deyne’s take on a Things 3. My favorite is something I started to do this week, separate “work” tasks from “personal” tasks.

If I need to squash a bug in a project I’m working on with others, I should create a GitHub issue. If I want to outline a feature I’m working on, I should probably use my team’s project management solution.

Narrative First is a Company of One, which means I’m the entire team. That said, I found a great deal of calm once I started tracking issues/bug reports for Subtext in Linear, a new team issue tracking app.

This post from Sebastien only confirms I’m on the right track.

Things is made to schedule tasks, not outline the work at hand.

Still need to work on this as right now my list is overwhelming.

The primary use of my task manager is scheduling tasks in the short term. If Things looks crowded, I should reconsider my schedule.

Time to reconsider (plus, it keeps me off Twitter).

James R. Hull @jhull