Creating A Digital Experience Platform

Tim describes a “Digital Experience Platform” in his video on modern website components. I’m pretty sure that’s what Subtext is.

I’m using the same stack:

  • Nuxt
  • Algolia
  • Cloudinary

But running on Netlify, instead of Vercel. He goes over the features in the latter, but to me it doesn’t look any different from my Netlify setup.

Prismic I don’t get at all. Having written in Markdown for so long, Rich Text Editors just don’t do it for me at all. Always makes me feel one step away from my writing.

I do love Tim’s feelings on media, and how important it is to deliver it well. (Need to work on that even more for Sub).


I did not know about the fetch feature (grabbing from another URL), but can see that being beneficial to know in the future.

James R. Hull @jhull