Predicting Narrative Sequences from Theme

This is the craziest thing in the world.

Just ran The Social Network through my new narrative model for Holistic stories (stories that structure themselves around relationships, rather than simple reason) and the Thematic Movements it came up with are scary accurate…

These are the Subtext Settings:

Subtext Settings of The Social Network

And these are the two Thematic Components I chose for Character and Plot:

Thematic Components of The Social Network

Once you make those choices and then click “Build a Story,” this is the result you get back from Subtext….

This is how Mark’s Throughline begins:

First Sequence of The Social Network

And then, this is how Subtext predicts his storyline should end:

Fourth Sequence of The Social Network


So basically, he should begin the story dropping some painful Truth (that whole opening scene in the bar), and then at the end be stuck in a state of Re-appraisal (basically, clicking refresh over and over again).

So crazy how close Subtext is now to absolute magic! 🤯

The storyform for The Social Network on Subtext.

James R. Hull @jhull