AI-Driven Efficiency: The Magic of Transmuting Support Queries into Blogs for a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, the addition of AI to my work has unlocked massive productivity for me. Transforming support requests into documentation which are then transmutated into blog posts will never not seem like pure magic to me.

For instance, I received this request about an hour ago about why Muse was getting parts of the Storyform “wrong.” Turns out, GPT sometimes takes narrative concepts too literally.

I answered the question using ChatGPT, where I just conversationally typed out my thinking behind it, and why that’s happening, etc. GPT-4 took those ideas, wrapped them up in a nice email response, which I then used to reply in HelpScout.

Knowing this would likely help others, I just asked Chat to re-write the email as a page in the documentation. Took about 30 seconds to write, 15 seconds to push to GitHub, and about a minute for Netlify to re-render the whole thing. It’s here at the bottom: Subtxt-Muse: Best Practices for Storytellers - the section labeled “When Muse Gets It Wrong.”

As it related to a couple of posts I just did on the Discord community earlier this morning, I went ahead and copied and pasted those into Chat, and asked it to turn it into a blog post. A couple of minutes later, the whole thing was live on my company’s blog: Adaptive Storyforming: Changing Story Structure on the Fly with AI.

Prior to AI, this process would have taken minimum three hours, and by the end I would have been too exhausted to write anything about it.

Now, I have time to write up this quick post. 😊

I use this technique throughout everything I do now, and can’t imagine developing an app like Subtxt without it. 🚀

James R. Hull @jhull