Bug Fixes and Black Holes

App developer’s conundrum: when fixing bugs, I often just throw in some random story ideas off the top of my head as an easy way to test something. In the following, a user wrote in saying the “line-returns” in their requests weren’t being saved properly.

I quickly opened up Muse locally, and typed in the following to test:

I have a story about a civilization of interstellar travelers who created time through the creation of a black hole, and now, trapped in this idea of time, have to create a world to inhabit. And what they do is create Earth. Cool, right?

What would be a good way to structure this in terms of OS Domain and what are some ideas for a MC/OC combos?

It was based on a YouTube doc I was watching last night, and thought it would make for a cool series. I had no idea about who the Main Character would be, or the Obstacle Character (that’s the MC/OC for those not familiar with Subtxt/Dramatica).

What it came back with was so interesting and definitely NOT what I had imagined, that now I just want to go off and write the whole thing. 😅

(Side note: it even managed to suggest the write Domain of Universe for the story in question).

What a great time to be alive!

James R. Hull @jhull