Building Hollywood's Version of ChatGPT

Wired covers Subtxt–without knowing about Subtxt:

First, generative AI will eventually be a valuable tool in some creative realms, potentially including script writing, but only if the AI has been built from the ground up for that task.

That would be the app I started building six years ago.

Second, the flaws of today’s generative AIs make them unsuitable for serious work, especially in creative fields. General purpose AIs, like ChatGPT, are trained on whatever content the creator can steal on the internet, which means their output often consists of nonsense dressed up to appear authoritative. The best they can do is imitate their training set. These AIs will never be any good at creating draft scripts—even of the most formulaic programming—unless their training set includes a giant library of Hollywood scripts.

The first part of this is right–the second part is woefully wrong.

Training LLMs on scripts will just result in a preponderance of badly-written, meaningless screenplays.

Training LLMs on a narrative framework that predicts a sequence of events that align with artistic intention and meaning?

That’s the only way forward.

James R. Hull @jhull