Trolling the AI Tech World

One of the fun things about Subtxt and Dramatica is being able to recognize story in a way that kind of sets you apart from everyone else. It’s like you know this amazing secret that gives you such a wonderful—and insightful—appreciation of the world.

Case in point. The South Park Showrunner AI

It’s one massive troll—a true masterpiece.

If you go through their site, or read the white paper, you can see this completely fabricated nonsense. Nonsense likely created by Matt and Trey.

And everyone everywhere is falling for it.

I mean, c’mon. Just read this tweet:

We also used it bc the creators of South Park made the brilliant deepfake company Deep Voodoo - which created the ingenious Sassy Justice deepfake TV show and deepfakes of many celebrities and actors. Probably the most important company at the intersection of creativity and AI (meaning a co that has creatives in leadership that want to make art rather than only a tool for other creatives).

And we loved their GPT episode recently probably the best skewering of the tech so far! And the pomposity of the Valley.

Much better than anything AI is going to do! They’re brilliant artists! Much better than us too! Geniuses!

lol. You’re trying to tell me this isn’t Matt and Trey?? 🤣🤣

This “Showrunner AI” is so clearly aimed at showing how ridiculous everything is getting. Even a supposed NVIDIA PhD scientist from Stanford is buying into it (check out the attached image).

But I’m even starting to think Dr. Jim is a completely simulated AI as well! And what does this have to do with knowing Subtxt/Dramatica? Go no further than this latest tweet:

We tried a lot of things to try to solve infinite story! We experimented with a Joseph Campbell system with archetypes and roles to create tension and conflict among the AIs.

But ultimately even though George Lucas may be able to make Star Wars with Campbell archetypes there isn’t (in our opinion) an underlying formula or periodic table for all stories. That would mean we could all make Star Wars!

The infinite stories we were getting from a more roles based approach didn’t lead to interesting ongoing narratives. The hero’s journey has a beginning middle end - we wanted endless story.

There actually IS a periodic table of story elements.

One they would know—if they were actually a part of this world! 😂

James R. Hull @jhull