OpenAI DevDay Leaks

The leaks coming out today for Monday’s event are sending my creative builder mind reeling. I’m already seeing faster GPT-4 through APIs (had to check to make sure it was on!), but the Workplace/Teams option is the most encouraging. Already doing this manually at home for 10 months now, having a small team of AI workers to help develop my app, write content, answer emails?? We are going to be capable of doing so much more so very soon.

OpenAI DevDay rumors:

More than 90% rumors: - Gizmo announcement. - Features: - * Sandbox - Provides an environment to import, test, and modify existing chatbots. - * Custom Actions - Define additional functionality for your chatbot using OpenAPI specifications - * Knowledge Files - attach additional files that your chatbot can reference - * Tools - Provides basic tools for web browsing, image creation, etc. - * Analytics - View and analyze chatbot usage data - * Drafts - Save and share drafts of chatbots you’re creating - * Publishing - publicly distribute your completed chatbot - * Sharing - Set up and manage chatbot sharing - * Marketplace - Search and deploy chatbots created by other users - Magic creator / magic maker: - * Define your chatbot with an interactive interface. - * Identify user intent and create chatbots - * Live test the created chatbot - * Modify chatbot behavior through iterative conversations - * Share and deploy chatbots - Announcing Workspace and Team Plan - Team Plan: - * There are two types of Team Plans: Flexible plan and Annual plan. - * Flexible plan is priced at $30 per month and Annual plan is priced at $25 per year - * Both plans start at $90 per month with a minimum of 3 users, - * Team plan adds benefits such as unlimited high-speed GPT-4 access, 4x longer contexts, and unlimited data analytics - Support for internally shareable chat templates - WorkSpace: - * Personal/Workspace separation. - * Ability to update Workspace meta data such as role, department, etc. - * Ability to set industry/size/role/department - * Roles include team_member/manager/executive/director/business_owner/freelancer - * Business type is categorized as marketing/engineering/education_professional/design/administrative/partnerships/partnerships/research/sales/legal/other - * Job roles include developer/designer/planner - * Departments are categorized as R&D/Marketing/HR/Finance - * External system (ERP, CRM) integration available Rumor 70% or more: - Gpt4 api price reduction - GPT4 speed improvement 10~20 times (GPT4-TURBO?) - Token 32K General access Rumor 50% or more: - Dali3 API announcement Rumor 30% or more: - Image embedding - Gpt3 Open Source Release

James R. Hull @jhull