Notes on the Bill Gates podcast with Altman

Grabbed this off the site that’s just about selling gummies:

Sam Altman REVEALED key details About #GPT5 (GPT-5 Robot, AGI + More). Important clues are found in his dialogue with Bill Gates. Let me do a quick summary for you:

πŸ€– GPT-5 is scheduled for release in 2024 and could potentially contain abilities that surpass GPT-4, possibly leading to the development of AGI.

πŸ€– GPT-5 will offer custom models, catering to individual personalized needs and preferences.

πŸ€– AI agents will soon be able to do pretty much everything for us, replacing the need for human work.

πŸ€– Imagine going to your computer and instead of writing a 1500w essay, you just ask the agent to do it, browse Google, manage the research, write the essay, and then publish it.

🌐 The potential impact of AI on the world: “We save so much time if we just spoke and just entered a command and the AI agent SL autonomous agent was able to pretty much do anything that we wanted it to that would change the entire world.”

πŸ€– Its implication to the integration with Robotics: starting with intelligence and cognition before adapting to physicality is the key to progress in robotics.

😱 The fundamental question of AI surpassing human capabilities raises the existential crisis of human purpose and existence.


All I can think about is just when I get Subtxt running smoothly, I’m gonna have to rebuild and update with these new models.

But then again, maybe my agentic co-workers can do it with me. πŸ˜ƒ

Gates Podcast with Altman

James R. Hull @jhull