Developing a New Story with Muse

Developed a fun new holiday movie with Muse called “A Tale of Two Spirits”, an alternate history and prequel of sorts, showing where Dickens got his idea for A Christmas Carol.

A Tale of Two Spirits


In the gritty, fog-laden streets of Victorian London stands Charles Dickens, a writer whose brilliance is clouded by his financial woes and a society indifferent to the true spirit of Christmas. With the festive season approaching, Dickens is determined to revive the warmth and joy of Christmas, believing in its power to transform hearts.

Enter Edmund Cratchett, the stern master of a notorious workhouse, a man who embodies the era’s harshest realities. Cratchett, a realist entrenched in the practicalities of running an institution, views Christmas as nothing more than a disruption to the productive cycle. His philosophy: keep the workers busy, keep them obedient.

Unexpectedly, Dickens and Cratchett’s paths cross over a mutual necessity: to maintain order and morale in the workhouse during the holiday season. Reluctantly, they agree to collaborate on a Christmas show for the workers, a spectacle that Dickens hopes will ignite a spark of joy and humanity, not just in the weary souls of the workers but in Cratchett’s seemingly cold heart.

As rehearsals begin, the friction between Dickens’ boundless optimism and Cratchett’s rigid control creates sparks, challenges, and eventually, a tentative camaraderie. Through shared challenges and the laughter of the workhouse inhabitants, both men discover the transformative power of creativity and community.

“A Tale of Two Spirits” is not just a tale of overcoming adversity; it’s a journey into the heart of the holiday spirit, a testament to how even the coldest of winters can be warmed by hope, friendship, and the magic of Christmas. This story promises to leave audiences cherishing the festive spirit, reflecting on the social changes Charles Dickens championed, and the enduring power of compassion that defines the holiday season.

James R. Hull @jhull